@jimmac up/down feels slower in the animation than left/right (not sure if it's due to the width vs. height size, the amount of movement, an optical illusion, this headache I have, or just me being weird)

@jimmac also, it looks like the touchpad is getting a nice massage 😂

@jimmac I know it's just the first pass. I think an improvement might be to:

1. show the fingers w/o the touch glow (perhaps a bit larger)
2. then the touch glow (perhaps with the hand a little smaller)
3. then the swipe
4. then without the touch glow again (and perhaps back to a bit larger)
5. a small pause
6. GOTO 1 (but change direction)

It would communicate that you're not constantly touching the touchpad all the time.

@jimmac Is swipe-up twice still going to be there to get to the apps? (Similar to Super+A)

@jimmac Also, I guess swipe up and swipe down *could* be different too. (One being overview-centric, the other being app centric, instead of swipe up twice.)

Or perhaps swipe down would show notifications, whereas swipe up is the overview. (And then the second swipe for apps.)

This latter option might make more sense? WDYT?

And I'm probably rehasing old conversations. (Sorry. You can ignore this if it's already been bikeshedded and agreed upon. 😆)

@garrett Double tapping (timer) and alt+super are planned.

@jimmac Wow, there are _so many_ different issues and MRs, it's really hard to keep track.

Glad everyone can browse all of them though (and that they're not on Jira or something similar). 😁

@garrett It's a system component. Of course it's a lot of moving parts. the redesign technically started here --- vimeo.com/244096946

Hey @jimmac
Planet GNOME still has your old URL, you should get it updated.

@afranke The major hindrance to going forward with that is to fix my RSS to rewrite my image URIs that are relative (post along with images to be decade-proof). So far this is turning unaccomplishable with my skillset :(

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