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@Sesivany @luis_in_brief @acruiz @jimmac And it is on ČT web (in Czech, of course) and yes he mistaken George Mason for James Madison. Oh well. But the content is brilliant … if I may say so, it is pity we don't have anybody now, who would be able talk about law in so approachable form.

My dad called me up to the TV to check out a nice hat Vojtech Cepl is wearing.

Made a behind the scenes video for that Big stunt™ with @MartinSonka --

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Last video of 2020!

✏️5 ways to animate in Grease Pencil ✏️

hope you like it!

🙏🏼 Retweet are encouraged and very aporeciated🙏🏼

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"Class, I will now explain what went wrong with Year 2020..."

And yes, @zeenix, this has been the highest I ever have been.

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When things are live, things go south. You wouldn't expect to be happy to 'capture a covid sample off the air' like I did though.

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Jedna z věcí, které se v uplynulém, celkově nic moc roce povedly. Přesně před 10 měsíci, 27. února 2020, jsme se @ZdenekHrib a @ZhannaNemtsova odkryli tabule přejmenovávající náměstí s ruskou ambasádou v Praze na . Tak do nového roku s hrdostí a nadějí!

I went for a walk and spent good two hours tweaking knobs on the digitone drowning in some lush reverb.

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I made UV Unwrapping paper because someone had to. Merry Christmas!

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While I'm in such a happy mood today, I just wanted to take a moment to appreciate @Firefox. It's been my go-to development browser for NEW MAGIC, and I've really enjoyed it 🙏❤️. A diverse web in backends / frontends / browsers / all the things is a BETTER WEB.

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Rada @CzechTV prý shání pochvaly na redaktory ČT. Jednu mám, tak jsem jim ji poslal.

I think I'm finally getting to the fun part of learning the digitone.

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Tonight I pushed my @gnome Circle app, Solanum 2.0.0 to Flathub! This release brings two big things:

- Translation support
- A port to GTK 4

This makes Solanum the very first published GTK 4 app.

If you want to try it out, grab it from Flathub:

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