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Printing drives me mad even on a mac. Absolutely non deterministic.

I’m a sucker for transitions.
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Very rarely things work out just the way you imagined. I got my own elektron intro now.

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Fixing a basic problem on your parent's phone

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I wish people would stop bandwagoning on the Mozilla hate. Why do we hold organisations that are aligned with our cause to much higher standards than organisations that are inimical to us?

It's ridiculous.

I was looking at updating my Qnap/Synology NASes, but Cockpit project matured enough for me to set up a Fedora server with a RAID0 on old hardware in no time. Time to buy some disks for a RAID10. Really well done, boys. @garrett @andreasn1 & team.

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It cannot be overstated how much @FlatpakApps empowered Linux app devs, by providing both SDKs and Flathub.

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So I ported part of Icon Library, as redrawing the icons when the theme switches from dark to light (or the opposite) was super slow. First is Icon Library from Flathub & 2nd is the gtk4 port, both using GtkFlowBox.

Proprietary apps I'd love flatpaks of -- Renoise, Davinci Resolve.

Notebooks are not a dead form factor. My wife uses it to prop her phone up for video calls.

I did 5 streams today after getting an amazing AT2020 condenser mic. I have not been so productive and focused in a long while. Thank you random swedish viewer :)

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Used drivers to create this TETRIS-style animation in .

Rendered in EEVEE

Came back to twitter expecting continuation of 2020 distopia and suddenly it's old fart GNOME nostalgia instead. And I don't even hate it.

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You might already know that we are getting close to the Fedora 33 release, and with Silverblue you can already try it out with:

$ rpm-ostree rebase fedora:fedora/33/x86_64/silverblue

and reboot.

If anything bad happens…

$ rpm-ostree rollback

It all fits in a tweet! 😊

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Trying to get back on track with my YouTube videos. Just posted a new one:

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