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turning Garfield’s prodigious nipples back and forth like two enormous radio dials

foot fetish guys all excitedly bought Gravity’s Rainbow and got two pages into it before they realized that footnotes weren’t what they thought they were

today on bisexual vigilante day we respect Batman’s ability to love whoever he wants, whether it is a boy wonder or a woman in a cat costume

it’s bi vigilante day... all those bi heroes out solving crimes and defeating super villains... amazing work

four panel comic where bowser eats the royal mushroom to become a hot goth gf, but mario eats a koopa mushroom and becomes a hot lizard gf

the coochie gate is the door that the coochie elf passes through on the way to eat the coochie

just got back from the @citrustwee birthday party and it was a total blast

Whoever designed this is a fucking asshole

I love weenies. I can’t get enough of their tender juiciness.

my Friday afternoon is taking this big 3D model of a building and trying to trace over it with a simplified model so that I can analyze it structurally

I may look like I have a lot of followers but that's just because I got in on the ground floor of Mastodon and now my followers list is like a fossil record of abandoned accounts and refugees who fled to other instances

Covered unguent bowl with tall foot (exaleiptron) 450–425 B.C. Greek Marble

clear my schedule I've got some important work to do

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