using this lazy sunday morning to finally get off my keister and move to @jimpjorps

ladies, gentlemen, americans... the president of the united states.

big tiddy man detective

​ 🕵️‍♂️
​ :boob:​:boob:

my cat is fuckin broke. my cat would be homeless if it weren't for me

got rich making bespoke macaroni art for the rich and famous... what's my secret? that's right, it's glue made from the world's most luxurious horse

mastodon is canceled. bofa is canceled. cum is canceled. none of these things must be allowed to exist any longer

just successfully used my mastodon posts to remember what I was doing two weeks ago so I could backfill my old timesheets

@Jellal that's a capture en passant; a pawn on its fifth rank can capture a pawn that's just moved two squares as if the enemy pawn had only moved one

@Lpnational cool, spending money is good because then you can get goods and services which are pretty choice imo

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