@baronnarcveldt it's a stacker for a fertilizer plant, leads up a big 120' cable-stayed boom

my Friday afternoon is taking this big 3D model of a building and trying to trace over it with a simplified model so that I can analyze it structurally

I may look like I have a lot of followers but that's just because I got in on the ground floor of Mastodon and now my followers list is like a fossil record of abandoned accounts and refugees who fled to other instances

@Pepsi that is less because I’m picky and more because I’m lazy

Covered unguent bowl with tall foot (exaleiptron) 450–425 B.C. Greek Marble

clear my schedule I've got some important work to do

@DanHarris personally I think the censorship here is wonderful, I'm a big fan of censorship

white boys through the ages
1998: I love to eat the coochie with sun-dried tomatoes
2007: I love to eat the coochie as long as it's zero carbs
2012: I love to eat the coochie with sriracha
2018: I love to eat the coochie when it is delivered to my house by Blue Apron (sponsored content)

don’t take that tone of voice with me, vegetable oil

every once in a while I see someone in the local timeline posting about qanon or the deep state or or whatever and I'm like... read the room, buddy

@Wolf2015 I like the deep state. It's good and all the people in it are nice

half of the people are stoned
and the other half are waiting for the next election
half the people are drowning
and the other half are swimming in the wrong direction

this year's "the world's most handsome uncle" pageant rocked by scandal when it emerges that the winner only rented his nephews temporarily

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