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placing my ass on a high shelf where the trolls and haters can't get to it

I have been arrested by the Kirkland Signature Police for suggesting that their fine food products be defiled in such a way

why pay hundreds of dollars for expensive imported vulva treatments when you can just dip your unmentionables in the $5 acai bowl from costco

it's the coochie seal's birthday and you'll never guess what he wants as a present

2006: I enjoy eating chicken nuggets
2014: I like chicken tendies
2022: me want chicko numnums
2030: hongry hongry (clucks like a hen)

teh epic gamer m0mmy is here to pwn some cringe... epic win in the battle of gamer ideas

I finally found the nice tuba mouthpiece I thought I had lost, a week after I could've actually used it for something important

I want to join a gym for the first time but I'm having trouble choosing between the various chains around me, is planet fitness worth the $10 or should I try something more less casual

having to remember what brands are currently in conservatives' good graces and which ones are completely unacceptable makes family gatherings hard

got a mellophone to play with and the mouthpiece on it feels so tiny after playing tuba for so long, it's like trying to kiss a dime

made a kznk account but not sure if I want to really use it, gonna give it a little more time on social and see how things shake out with moderation

lots of respect for sovereign citizens on here today... we stan a common-law legend

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