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got my end of year bonus today and my first thought was about how good of a new tuba that could buy me

β”‚ :welp: β”‚ this user triple gay. β”‚

accidentally listened to a Florida Georgia Line song and now I have to go lie down in a darkened room and meditate

If you see someone on using a cross-poster from Twitter and never actually posting/responding here, please report them. I think that can be reasonably considered spam.

listening enraptured to this lady in the Dunkin’ Donuts yelling at about 100 dB into her speakerphone about how her dead grandma didn’t leave her enough money

my favorite times on social media are when everybody is vaguely complaining about some particular scourge that's happening but I can't figure out what the actual instigating incident was or what it even refers to, like with the whole "kinnies" thing right now

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