I downgraded my phone but upgraded my life i will chat on here from my laptop only when out and about i will unplug #lightphone2

@jinxed its working out real well best decision i have made for my mental health when out and about i like being present and in the moment not with my head buried in a smartphone screen the whole time.

@jameshjacksonjr Sounds great, and good for you. We all need more breaks. I have the lightphone2 on order, probably get it soon. 👍

@jinxed nice congrats i know you will like yours and to me its better doing FOSS linux type tasks on my pinebook pro laptop

@jameshjacksonjr thanks. E-ink was the primary cause of me getting it, due to eyesight problems. But i love the simplistic design and their ideology. Would like to see one thing added, however; email. :D

@jinxed see customised android on the light phone vs the other phone the mudita pure uses a lightweight free as in freedom RTOS (real time OS) thats open source and its under a GPLv3 license i feel the community can make more tools and things we need with it being open source vs using the light phone 2s custom android OS


@jameshjacksonjr Ill have to stick to what i got for now. Not a big fan of the form factor of the Mudita :D But yes, open source would be good. But android based isn't all bad, i hope its without any google-evilness... ;)

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