Minecraft is so popular with kids because a child's natural habitat is in a coal mine, actually

@skrrt_vonnegut Don't give them any ideas. Ancapcakes has a real ring to it and I am envisioning they could open up a really dumb ancap themed cupcake parlor by that name.

@Apeiro Telling everyone I'm selling ancap cupcakes, but also putting a "no trespassing" sign on my window, and then absolutely massacring every fucking person who comes into the bakery for violating the NAP

@skrrt_vonnegut I say, if you wanna be a real ancap, when they come in the door, you make them bake their own cupcake from scratch, then you take half of it and eat it and laugh at them for not starting the cupcake shop.

@jizzwitch even little kids fantasize about not being alienated from the product of their labor

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