AdMiNs CaN rEaD uR dMs

Yeah and on twitter, fb and google they can and do and then sell your data to advertisers to target ads to you, idk what you're worried about here tbth

@jizzwitch I will never understand. You're literally fighting every day to not have your home address tweeted out but "admin can read your DMs" though

@jizzwitch I mean google reads your email for ad purposes but yeah, scary mastodon admins...

@debugninja @jizzwitch at least you can spread that shit out thin over a bunch of instances, many of which delete data after short period of time.

@jizzwitch yeah I had targeted ads clearly based on dm conversations before so at least some algorithm is reading everything

@jizzwitch i can read my dms too! its not just admins, which is a helpful feature imo

At this point, Eugene has earned looking at my shitty puns and pictures of my cats.

@jizzwitch the difference is that the admins are actually identified as real people here, instead of a faceless human form letter in an office somewhere. For some reason people feel more secure submitting their personal info to “the blob”, as if that weren’t also moderated by real people.

@jizzwitch if people are that paranoid they can just encrypt their dms too 🤷🏼‍♂️

@jizzwitch lol, I’m totally ok with Eugen reading my hornt DMs. Maybe he’ll even join in. :blobnom:

@jizzwitch It would be possible to encrypt DMs on mastodon, but impractical since you would would need to store keys on your own server.

@jizzwitch People should be informed of the IT security risks of the sites me they use even if it’s a typical risk. Jack monetizing your DMs (but having other IT controls over access to your data) is a different set of risks and controls than exist on Twitter.

People have a right to informed consent. People have a right to know what risks they assume.

@jizzwitch And I hope more people will not sneer at people making sure everyone is informed and consents to the security risks they are assuming.

@jizzwitch I mean, it's a little more complicated than that. There is something to be said about controls like end to end encryption, IT auditors, screening of employees. Tech companies, for as often as they fuck up controls, DO tend to have controls and do tend to have some which ARE absent here.

@jizzwitch I agree that a lot of people who have problems with Mastodon's risks aren't aware of or taking seriously enough the risks associated with Twitter, though. I just personally wish we'd normalize the discussion around security risks because I think IT companies have benefitted from lack of privacy being the new default.

@FakeRobotGamer @jizzwitch Yeah, I mean, I try as best I can. Its kind of a problem because the terms (like "risk") sound really judgmental when they're not meant to be. It's a whole different framework and way of thinking.


My admin can definitely see a different side to me.

Sorry @Sir_Boops

@Sir_Boops @jizzwitch

Apparently you have access to my DM’s and I’ve been dirty talking all the sexy gay boys.

@glenn @jizzwitch Ahhh X3

Where's that admin pledge again...something like "I'm too lazy to open the DB and find them" X3

@jizzwitch I feel sorry for anyone bored enough to read my DM's, tbh.

@jizzwitch Not a fair comparison. You're talking about faceless corporations with privacy policies and financial incentives to keep your messages private.

You're making it sound like it's obvious, but a lot of people wouldn't know any difference between Twitter and 1 random person running Mastodon on a $5 VPS.

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