smoked salmon, avocado, red onion, black garlic, aioli on baguette.

(the black garlic machine was totally worth it!)

Rare photo of Mëndësfräu performance uncovered during unpacking. Yours truly at right.

I'm looking to commission someone to create a vector copy of what appears to be a scan of an old paisley book lining. The scan doesn't tile, is distorted, etc. so I want a clean vector bezier-ful copy. Any takers?

Tacos au jambon et fromage, ou comme on l'appelle chez nous, les « croques señor »

Une version salée de «Capezzoli di Venere», faite de rillettes de porc aux champignons dans une tranche de carotte farcie (garnie d'un bout de cornichon, duh). À côté, du soda amer à base de racine de bardane, de galanga, de jalapeño et de miel.

Here's the twisted-bore 1.8 that just came off the printer this morning. (Ergnomics are not yet great, but still better than previous folded-bore versions.)

Folded bore shakuhachi detritus: this is *fewer* versions than it took for me to get to the point where I have one that I'm actually pretty pleased with. (That's the one in my pocket.)

After some more programming and debugging and printing, I now have version 2 of the folded-bore shakuhachi. To my surprise, this one is already a useful musical instrument with a clear, easy tone. It's a strong indication that this is a useful path and I'm so happy about it! Guitar pick for scale... this is small.

I present to you the world's first folded bore shakuhachi.


Sourdough crepe, made with cheese and curry in the batter, served with apricot jam.

Just innocently watching Matthew Berry's show Toast of London from 2012, and it's a surprise joke about Boris Johnson:

As a lifelong meditator, which practice I recommend to pretty much everybody, I was really pleased to see Rashida Jones and Nick Offerman do this bit.

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