Just innocently watching Matthew Berry's show Toast of London from 2012, and it's a surprise joke about Boris Johnson:

As a lifelong meditator, which practice I recommend to pretty much everybody, I was really pleased to see Rashida Jones and Nick Offerman do this bit.

I'm still sad that nobody has ever noticed the ringer on this shelf.

Procedurally-modeled 1.3 shakuhachi. Critical measurements thanks to David Brown.

Sourdough crêpe with saucisson, sour cream, and homemade habanero kimchi and sriracha.

Pig in blanket made with crêpe from sourdough starter castoff. Mustard, sauteed onions, hot sauce on the inside. Playing with this stuff is more fun than having the daily fresh sourdough (which, don't get me wrong, is also great).

A cover of an unjustly lesser-known song from one of my favorite 80s bands.

"Chinatown" by Romeo Void


Please enjoy the new song "Mon bum a besoin de danser" ("my (butt) needs to dance") titled and inspired by a certain young gentleman saying those words when asked to take it easy at some point. in the spirit of the original franglais sentence, lyrics are in french and english (and a little spanish).


I am very proud of Burn the Earth’s second album “Resurrection,” which we've just finished. In a few weeks it will be on whatever streaming/download service you use, but you can have it now (and then) for free by downloading it from jeremy.org/music/2019/Resurrec

The mastermind behind this band (including especially all the non-bass guitars) is the inestimable Paul Boutin. Vocals (and album art) by yours truly.

I hope you like it.

Today's culinary crime against humanity: Vegemite kimchi dusted with cheddar cheese powder

My father's father Charles Bornstein was born in 1903 in Łódź, Poland and moved to the United States with his father and brother Aaron when he was a child. His mother Judith had died when he was only three months old. Several older siblings stayed behind.

As adults in the 1930s, Charles and Aaron sent money back to their older siblings in Łódź so that they and their families could leave Poland and come to the US.



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