smoked salmon, avocado, red onion, black garlic, aioli on baguette.

(the black garlic machine was totally worth it!)

Rare photo of Mëndësfräu performance uncovered during unpacking. Yours truly at right.

I am pleased to formally announce that I am now President. Of what, you ask? Everything.

Me and Maynard and Jorm
(who took the photo), almost CERTAINLY playing In The Pines. 2009.

I'm looking to commission someone to create a vector copy of what appears to be a scan of an old paisley book lining. The scan doesn't tile, is distorted, etc. so I want a clean vector bezier-ful copy. Any takers?

People say I'm a control freak but I never told anyone they could say that.

@ceejbot Even "not my circus, not my monkeys" is pretty yech.

If you think that our universe is a simulation or otherwise does not exist in some base reality: what do you think the chances are that any of the original implementers are still on the job? How many conscious entities do you imagine are running the technical operations?

Tacos au jambon et fromage, ou comme on l'appelle chez nous, les « croques señor »

It drove me crazy until I remembered that in one of my all-time favorite movies, Ghost Dog, these same two actors played two best friends, but Whitaker's character didn't speak French and Bankolé's didn't speak English. I can't imagine that the scene from Godfather of Harlem wasn't an intentional homage and to whomever was responsible for that: thank you, I loved it and it was beautiful! [2/2]

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Ok, so I was watching Godfather of Harlem and noticed something particularly sweet and brilliant for which I wanted to say thank you. There's a scene between Forest Whitaker and Isaach de Bankolé; Bankolé and Whitaker's characters both speak French and English, and they are Not Friends. It reminded me of something but what was it? [1/2]

pourquoi les ne disent-ils pas «ordurenateur» pour un ordinateur de merde ?

Une version salée de «Capezzoli di Venere», faite de rillettes de porc aux champignons dans une tranche de carotte farcie (garnie d'un bout de cornichon, duh). À côté, du soda amer à base de racine de bardane, de galanga, de jalapeño et de miel.

@ceejbot I am very much enjoying all this Columbo, thank you!

If, in the near future, anyone should happen to ask me why I have a small bump on my forehead, I can truthfully say that it is because I failed to catch a violin.

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