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Just innocently watching Matthew Berry's show Toast of London from 2012, and it's a surprise joke about Boris Johnson:

As a lifelong meditator, which practice I recommend to pretty much everybody, I was really pleased to see Rashida Jones and Nick Offerman do this bit.

Seems like due to his incompetence, greed, and venality, Donald Trump has now murdered more than 100,000 people, mostly Americans.

I'm still sad that nobody has ever noticed the ringer on this shelf.

I was telling a friend about the book _Trout Fishing in America_ and I realized that Chuck Tingle is the modern day Richard Brautigan.

Procedurally-modeled 1.3 shakuhachi. Critical measurements thanks to David Brown.

Sourdough crêpe with saucisson, sour cream, and homemade habanero kimchi and sriracha.

Voting is always tactical. Of course winning politicians will pretend not to realize that. For those of us with political opinions beyond the Overton window, voting is *harm reduction*.

Pig in blanket made with crêpe from sourdough starter castoff. Mustard, sauteed onions, hot sauce on the inside. Playing with this stuff is more fun than having the daily fresh sourdough (which, don't get me wrong, is also great).

Look, we're actually topical. Lockdown by Burn the Earth featuring Chris Penalber:

This is a Jeremy opinion / recommendation post. If you have questions about things (ideas, objects, entities) that I like for particular functions, or want to know my opinion about a specific thing, please ask here.

I usually prefer to avoid social network mention of specific products or companies, but I will pause that policy for this post should it become relevant.

The software engineering skill required to design and build a project properly is almost always greater than that afforded by the budget allocated by the organization that needs it.

A cover of an unjustly lesser-known song from one of my favorite 80s bands.

"Chinatown" by Romeo Void


Me: Here is an eleven minute and twenty one second track of music I made with xylophone, koto, shakuhachi, double bass, and drums.

I love the idea of designating people "Living National Treasures" except for the "National" part. But "Living World Treasure" or "Living Cultural Treasure" or "Living Treasure of Humanity" also feel wrong. Anyone have any better ideas?

qu'est-ce c'était ce bruit?
je l'ai senti dans my feet
c'est venu de n'importe ou
il me chatouille et me dit coucou

c'est une danse
venue de l'air
c'est une danse
coming from everywhere

mon bum a besoin de danser
my butt butt butt butt can't stop moving
mi culo necesita bailar
comme c'est bon temblar

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Please enjoy the new song "Mon bum a besoin de danser" ("my (butt) needs to dance") titled and inspired by a certain young gentleman saying those words when asked to take it easy at some point. in the spirit of the original franglais sentence, lyrics are in french and english (and a little spanish).

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