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fucked up that people keep reinventing stuff and building tons of ways of doing the same thing because people don't want to use lots of small apps to do one task since operating systems aren't actually particularly good at it, and we dont have that douglas adams "you can drag any icon from any toolbar into any other program" thing yet, and the best way we have of making programs work with each other is pumping text between them like its 50 years ago. fucked up if true. which it is true. its fuck

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@jk also: (this about the 10th time I've seen this in the last week)

@jk we did once have a system that did that.

Unfortunately NextStep's ideas didn't survive the melding with Apple. 😩

@jk khmplan9khmkhmhhhrrrrrg

sorry, something in my throat

Programs need message ports and shared datatypes.