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josef @jk

heres @roadrunner & a Friend

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@jk @roadrunner Film grain makes this look so old, like it'll say 1964 underneath

@elomatreb @roadrunner the grain doesnt even look like this until after masto has fucked around with the image. i have no idea why it makes it look so bad!!! heres the proper resolution image:

@jk Mastodon strips image metadata, which includes e.g. color profiles (which may cause this?)

@elomatreb i thought so, so that upload was just a raw jpeg without any special stuff in it. but still comes out like that. i think its some weird sharpening thing or something. who fuckin knows. the raw image is about 20 megapixels so maybe it just being so big is what fucks it up

@elomatreb shouldnt have used the word 'raw' so many times in this toot about image formats that arent raw

description: sakura (?), blue sky and wooden fence in the background, girl with blue hair petting a cat in the foreground