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is it true that vloggers in the Scooby Doo Community start their videos with "hey, whats up Scoob Tube"

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doing this toot made me realise that at least half of my toots are like a joke about a joke, like, you get to the word "Scoob Tube" an dyoure like. is that the joke then. is that it?? that wasnt a very funny pun. and then your eyes wander back to "Scooby Doo Community" and you're like. what the fuck. theres a Scooby Doo Community??? hang on what the fuck am i reading

@jk it's like house of leaves, but in jk meme form

@ryanlittlefield im getting extreme baader meinhof phenomenon about that book this week, so thanks for contributing to it

@jk scoob tube is written in Scooby on Rails

@jk yes, but some 'Scoobers(as we call ourselves) have started saying "whats up Shaggy?". Obviously these heathens need to be purged from the Soobers, so we started calling ourselves Truer Scooby Doers to exclude them.

Is it true that there's a Scooby Doo vlogger community? Zoinks!