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josef @jk

10 year-old me: wow you have THREE computers??? id love to just even have 1 computer

present-day me: yeah but they're all garbage. computers got really really cheap over the years yknow. but none of them work at all. especially since they replaced programs with uhhh.... well programs are now...... y'know when you go on a web page at xmas and theres falling snowflakes?

10 year-old me: java?? script???

present-day me: yeah thats all we use now. thats how they make the programs mostly

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@djsundog @jk it not only was, it will be in the future, too.

@jk the snowflakes are now either bugs, security holes, ads that spy on you or all of the above.

But there's just as many of them as those old snowflakes.

@jk this is one of the saddest internet stories

I have around ten computers, most of them stuff that other people threw out as garbage, and I'm still pretty excited about them.

@jk imagine if 20 years ago we programed everything in mIRCscript

@jk 10yr old me would me disgusted that I have a computer 10 thousand times more powerful than his, that I use as a 5v and 3.3v breadboarding supply and basically don't run any software on at all.

But kind of fascinated that I can't even guess how many computers I have.

@joeyh I have definitely somewhere between 5 and 50 computers. that i know of

@jk @joeyh I think I have at least 10 in the apartment but I'm not really sure

@sir @jk @joeyh i'm not even sure if i can tell you how many computers i have in my backpack right now, but it's definitely more than 5.

@sir @jk @joeyh i threw in a parts box on this trip, so, you know, a couple of raspberry pis, a phone, who the heck even knows how many random microcontrollers...

@brennen @jk @joeyh pretty sure my backpack has never had more than 3 and usually has 0

@sir @jk @joeyh i have seven on my desk, alone. maybe eight, this lamp probably has a computer in it.

@sir @jk @joeyh my vape hasn't asked me to accept its new privacy policy yet, thank goodness

10 year-old me: wow you have so many computers