just found a bunch of old selfos of me with blonde hair, which is interesting, cos i have no recollection of ever HAVING blonde hair

@envgen this is like, how yknow how 2010 seems like its about 2 or 3 years ago?? well i keep finding out that its not. its actually longer ago!! quite a lot longer ago!! so that means that ive lost some years here and there. and im wondering like, what was i DOING in those years

@jk @envgen Perhaps the same thing as me, so if you find out let me know...

@gemlog @jk @envgen the other day I saw someone post a song from 2010 and someone else said "wow I'd never guess it was this old!" then I realized I can't really tell music from the mid 2000s onward apart as "old" or "new", but this is like 15 years worth of music (but, say, music from the mid 70s sounds dramatically different from music from the late 80s to my ears).


@hisham_hm @gemlog @envgen maybe it's because music technology hasn't actually changed at all in 15 years. all the music that's being made now would be completely possible to make 15 years ago

@jk @gemlog @envgen yeah that's a good theory. still I keep wondering if I just got older and grumpy or if there is really some whole new music scene or genre that I'm totally missing out... but I think the last time I heard a sound that truly made me go "I never heard this sound before" was dubstep wobbles... circa 2010?!

@jk @hisham_hm @envgen That's true, but I've been enjoying a lot of music that isn't normally heard in north america for some years now. Weirdly, 10 years ago I'd never heard of Manu Chao even! How about music from Mali? Raï music? Electro swing isn't that old really. BadBadNotGood jazz... And 'gypsy rock' I don't know what to call it, but could be like gypsy hill. Or even w/e this is hooktube.com/watch?v=HUMuqAVCq or hooktube.com/watch?v=w-DkkpGk5 + heaps of new-to-me from central and sud america, france...

@gemlog @jk @envgen there are always new styles coming up, definitely. I'm in Brazil and the current popular music style here definitely did not exist in 2010... but it's a mix of folk Brazilian countryside music with American country music (which is itself usually at least 10 years behind American pop as far as stylistic musical elements go).

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