i think this is the most noughties object i can fathom

@jk my sis and i had something like this the noughties

@jk any poor unfortunate mothercluckers to have been alive in western society at that time, ye

@Zero_Democracy aye, but this is y2k in function as well as form!

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@jk cursed things, there are a few around at my work in random corridors, usually tuned to "this is heart" type radio stations (if I find them and they have MF band I retune them to Radio Caroline 😆 ).

They are not very good sound quality wise and many don't even hold the frequency on the radio (even compared to 1970s/1980s radiocassettes)

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@jk Yeah, I'm certain of that - most of the references to this model family I can find are solid black, solid white, or solid silver, with the odd pink one.

This was totally a quick "let's use transparent colored plastics and make it look like an iMac" job on a design that I'd guess dates back to the early 90s... but then so much stuff in the early 00s was just "let's make 90s crap look like an iMac".

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reference to terrorism Show more

reference to terrorism Show more

@jk ayyy this takes me back to listening to blink 182 far too loud while playing Gamecube

@KittyUnpretty @jk *switches on*
"greetings, K i t t y
the sound orb will now dispense pleasant sounds"

@lulucybrelu a more hopeful vision of the future, where all technology would be round and all our furniture would be inflatable

@jk I have the sudden and inexplicable urge to integrate it on top of a Segway

@jk im picturing the page in the argos catalogue, this is the main picture, with lots of smaller pictures of it in different colours

@envgen i think you can actually still get these in the argos catalogue

I don't understand why it has two metal hotdogs.


Or is it one metal hotdog that's really long?

I just don't know.

@caraellison @RobF *extremely inquisitive seagull voice*

sosig ???

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