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i recently installed like 2000 fonts onto my computer and for some reason it made Google Chrome think that it's UI font should be some kinda handwriting font????? so i deleted the font, and then restarted chrome, and now it thinks the font should be this?? what the hell. why isn't it using the system font. where is it reading the system font from and why is it getting the wrong one

managed to find this & turns out theres a registry thing you can change to just, idk, reset all the system attributes to what they should be?? and then it knows that it has space for the font maybe? so it doesn't have to just pick a new one??? who fuckin knows. so it seems to fix it but it also means i can't use a custom system font??

okay - solved it
for some reason (either i changed something, or chrome updated, or just random i guess) chrome wants a "thin" UI font, but I had my OS "Message Box" font set to a medium font weight, so it just kinda freaked out and picked the first font it could find that wasn't the one I chose, which was SimSun since that comes first when you enumerate fonts apparently. so i've had to set my 'message box' font to a light font. which doesnt look as good but eh. what can you do really

weirdly actually, I CAN set the font to a 'medium' font but it makes the font in Chrome become bold???? so it's checking for a certain font weight and then using the font weight above??? which might explain why it's kinda bugging out and picking the wrong font if there isn't a font weight available then

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jeez. computers are a bit much arent they

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In this case it’s Chrome devs thinking they know better, but in general yeah