‎Date Modified: Monday, ‎28 ‎June, ‎2004, ‏‎19:37:26

@jk oof, bmp? that's an ogre-size image file

@chr i dont think windows 98 (maybe even ME) paint could save anything other than bmp???

@jk is that what you were using? 2004 was well into the XP days

@chr i think this file mightve been on my grandma's computer. which was a bit behind the times. although i personally did have a windows 95 laptop until 2004!

@chr computers were extremely expensive!!!

@jk @chr It being on your g-ma's machine only makes it even more two-thousand-for tbh

@jk This icon reminded me of the days of reskining all my icons in Windows XP and I don't know why

@jk We dodged a hell of a bullet with Shreck landing before modern meme culture.

@jk Retroactively, though. Not in the way that, say, minions are.
We're really really really lucky that Austin Powers was before Shreck.

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