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when will the algorithms learn the difference between "thing about <topic i like>" and "thing about <topic i like> being presented in an extremely annoying way, treating the person reading or watching it like they're stupid, made extremely quickly by someone who injects bizarrely regressive jokes in for no obvious reason, specifically designed to make me no longer like <topic i like>"

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when we're training our own algorithms, leashed and contained by ourselves, so that the algo does the filtering work our brains used to have to do

it's like with calculators

let me draw you a hasty diagram that appears to have been drawn by a child but is actually sophisticated geniusness

@jk they cant even tell the difference between <topic i like> and <topic i hate>

@jk Our powerful computer, which never lies, sees you watched a video on:

* Eighties Synth Disco

Therefore, we predict you will love these video on:

* Hitler Explains Flat Earth Theory
* Vaccines Will Kill Your Precious Child
* Wimmin: Get Them Back In The Kitchen