why humans think cats have retractable claws:
1) to make sure that they don't hurt us by mistake

why cats have retractable claws:
1) to keep them sharp
2) to fool us into believing the lie that they have retractable claws to make sure that they don't hurt us by mistake

1) cats don't ever make mistakes

@jk Is thesis/antithesis/synthesis the new meme now.

@WAHa_06x36 @jk

Thesis: thesis/antithesis/synthesis is the new meme
Antithesis: thesis/antithesis/synthesis is not the new meme
@bob Thesis: This conversation is easily understood by all.
Antithesis: This conversation is hardly understood by all
Synthesis: Assumption that this is a conversation at all.


@bob @WAHa_06x36 @jk Synthesis: it's the new meme but memes are bad.

@bob @WAHa_06x36 @jk
Synthesis: thesis/antithesis/synthesis is an old meme (one I was taught in high school, and which has been in the book for ages).

@jk THESIS: cats don't make mistakes

ANTITHESIS: cats are almost as mistake-prone as we are, see attached

SYNTHESIS: cats are funny


This kind of explains why they attack us all the time. Like come on! Get aggressive! And we're like *Pat Pat* and theyre like ¿¿¿

3) to be able to walk without making a sound, so that you don't hear them when they sneak up on you to kill you

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