15 years ago this month, Nintendo Official Magazine UK put this in their October 2003 issue

i never really played any sonic game until i was a teenager, so this kind of thing (and occasionally running into the fandom on the web) was the only thing i really knew about the franchise

the whole magazine was like this, it was like a giant piss take, and as a kid i loved it. it had the 80s-90s uk games journalism thing going on. then in 2006 when they restarted it they either had to rein it in or the new people weren't very imaginative. probably the former. it was just a sales brochure after that really. they stopped even doing bad reviews of anything. it coincided with me not really being interested in games anymore


@jk I definitely have a crush on Mewtwo

Reaction to a more weird than lewd thing but still kinda lewd I guess 

@jk what the hell?


@jk ...d...did ... did anybody at that magazine not realise tails is like... eight

oh god. o_o;


@jk ...i mean granted tails is like... perpetually 8.... but SITLL

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