ive written a song that is so poppy i cant write the lyrics to it. i just can't do it. its probably as poppy, if not more, than any pet shop boys song i can think of. its probably poppier than like, 60% of the stock, aitken & waterman catologue. thats fuckin sayin something. im really struggling. maybe the lyric should just be the word 'dance' over and over or something


i bet you can go to see Tim Rice and he has some office somewhere, and its exactly like a law firm, and he charges you $600 per hour, and he keeps saying to me "okay but what do you want the song to be ABOUT" and i keep going "i don't know!! i don't know!!!!" and clutching my face


I actually see Margaret Thatcher saying "NO NO NO NO NOOO" when I play a wrong note,

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