atoms are indivisible. its in the name. defund cern

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@jk i have a roll of developed film somewhere that i must scan that has a picture of me in switzerland flipping off cern

@jk I was trying to come up with a good response, which explains it and shows you're wrong. But I can't. Your reasoning is solid. Physics is done, and we can now all go home.

@loke @jk (atoms are both divisible [can be partitioned] and indivisible [both the atom and its partitioned constituents have wavefunctions over the whole of spacetime]. so it's kinda another mu like all perennial dichotomies...)

@xeb @jk I'm not sure I follow your argument about the indivisibility of the atom. Doesn't that argument apply to everything that is made up of particles, not just atoms?

@loke @jk yes. iut wasn't that deep sorry as to privilege the atom i suppose over its constituents. i was just being glib really.

for nucleons there is a different notion of indivisibility due to quark colour confinement.

the relationship between electrons and photons is different again in a more transitive way. electrons are the termini of photons and weirdly kinda vice versa.

further all massive particles enjoy a local vectorial attractive interaction and a non-local 'Machian' inertia.

@loke @jk the most general thing i'd observe pedagogically is that the concept of 'inside' and 'outside' gets really nontrivial and weird and then fundamentally breaks down as you decrease [bulk] length scale ~ increasing interaction energy scale.

there is all kind of non-orientability or orientation rotating hyperbolic transformations and some things live in klein bottle like things.

if you look at cosmology in momentum twistor space you get antipodal correspondence at +/- spatial infinities

@loke @jk I refute it thus! [hurls neutron at uranium atom, it bounces off without effect, I slowly back away while shrinking and transforming into a corncob]

@jk nooooooo, hush! You'll make me unemplyed!

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