the most statistically normal person lives in a normal house, earns a normal wage, and drives a normal car. they are most likely to be named Nornald and are marrried to someone who is also named Nornald. they have 2.715 children, who are called Nornald, Norna and Nornald

@jk They've got half a dog named gaussian who is a bit mean but it varies

@jk I read that as 2715 children, which was really confusing for a second

@jk Nornald is often confused for Nornald but it becomes obvious when you realise that Nornald's middle name is Keming and Nornald's middle name is instead Kerning

@jk (This is how I communicate that I got your joke, I appreciated it, but I am better at it.)

@WAHa_06x36 that’s not only a terrible way to communicate, but a terrible thing to communicate!!

@jk And the thread of their life is spun by the Norns

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