woke up in the middle of the night with the epiphany that I should deem all my sorry, unfinished, abandoned projects as “practice” & now feelin liberated af

@jk omg you just gave us all that sweet freedom

@jk that's a wonderful way to view that. I'll definitely be using that in future!

@jk That's a brilliant plan. Hope you don't mind that I'm stealing it!

@jk It's definitely true.

I don't always pick up old projects but I do often reference them or re-use ideas that I first learned from them.

Right now I'm doing a racing game thing based on a similar one I made like 4 years ago.

@jk Dobby is a free elf now! Thanks, mate! 💙

@Galdrakinn @jk further reading: "The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up"

@wilbr @jk sorry that sounds false. I go through tidy / messy cycles and I refuse to change.

@Galdrakinn @jk I'm not saying you have to change, I'm saying JK's advice and more can be found in that book :p

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