the bulb in my projector blew last week, i got a new one and replaced it yesterday, and it seems to work fine, a lot brighter & everything looks better than the old one that had gone dim. but ever since i replaced the bulb, i can't get the VGA input to work, and also all of the menus/buttons on the projector are like, laggy and a bit unresponsive for some reason now. i tried doing a factory reset and it hasn't made any difference. lifes just one thing after another isn't it

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i'm trying to work out what about changing the lamp would do this?? it doesnt even know the bulb has changed, the connector only has two terminals. maybe the new bulb is drawing more current than it should and the projector's power supply can't cope so there's droopy voltage??? but surely the lamp power and the digital power rails have very little to do with eachother right?? is it excess heat?? its the exact same bulb as the previous one. whats going on

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if the bulb is a fake one & is fucking with the projector somehow, where the hell am i supposed to source a replacement bulb for a ~10 year old projector other than amazon (full of counterfeits) or ebay (full of counterfeits)?? afaik the manufacturer doesn't make them anymore even. do i have to send a purchase order to some kind of bulk supplier and/or sign a service contract in triplicate with an scientific and/or industrial and/or educational equipment facilitation facilitator

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projector update: left it running for about 3 hours, switched it off for another 2 hours, and now i switched it back on again and it's working perfectly. who fuckin knows huh. who knows whats goin on in this goddamned world

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@jk it's possible the bulb's specs changed without notice, or this particular one wasn't manufactured to spec due to error, being a counterfeit, who knows

@gatewave even though didn't buy the cheapest replacement i could find and tried to source a genuine one, to be honest i wouldn't be surprised if it was counterfeit, although the box it came in had a very convincing sticker with all logos to prove that it wasn't counterfeit, in retrospect that makes it seem even more suspicious

@jk it's definitely weird. hopefully you sourced it from a place with some sort of returns or refunds. wonder if you can find other users experiencing same.

@jk Power draw does seem the most likely explanation.

I don't know the whole situation, but depending on how old it is, it's possible that even if the bulb is the same wattage and stuff, that the rest of the projector has worn to the point where it can't take the higher power usage that a fresh bulb requires anymore.

@jk Oh lordy, sounds like you may be being forced to a new projector :/

@jk this issue doesn't seem like competence of a facilitator, better sign up with a complicator

@jk this has been a wild ride but I'm glad it had a happy ending instead of a depressing realistic downer ending

@Mainebot who knows, maybe it'll stop working again

@jk I hope it works even better for years. I want you to have a long and emotionally fulfilling relationship with your projector.

@jk I'm guessing the power supply deteriorated at about the same rate as the bulb, and so when you're now loading it down with a new bulb it's now noisier, putting noise into the entire circuit.

Get the power supply recapped.

@jk (I'm also assuming the projector's power supply is an SMPS)

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