ugh it’s too fuckin easy to build an AM radio by accident

i swear out of every possible electronic circuit, 90% are AM radios

@jk Then there is a design flaw. I am a former electronics product designer, you have to make things HF-tight, always. You don't want a security guide with an HT during night hours triggering a fire alarm. Start using ferrite beads of 50 cents on all incoming and outgoing leads...

@jk What's the board on the right? Looks familiar

@jk I "built" one once when I wanted to make a microphone amp :P

@jk I live next to WMSX 96.1 FM broadcasting at 47,000 watts ERP. Turns out it's pretty easy to build an FM radio as well.

@jk I have three strong transmitters in my home (one beacon and twee repeaters, the latter of 40W and 70W respectively). Both repeaters are controlled by Raspberry Pi's in a plastic housing, and no problem at al, even when I use my HF transceiver. HF of the beacon is so strong it indicates 20 mV minimum with shortcircuited probes in whatever place in my house.

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