this one i called Pokésearch. you can put pokemon cards in it and uhhhhhhh

when i was a kid i made “comics” but looking back on them i was actually just trying to make a psychedelic dungeon crawler game

heres another computer. this one runs cubase or something

this ones got a trendy cardboard/gold colour scheme. it’s called Super Laptop (TM) (tm) (r) (r) (C) and seems to be the result of a collaboration between me, JVC, and The Pokemon Company

@jk omg my kid is doing that, they are making videogames using paper

@jk they will finish posting on social media about ants and cats

Apple is filing 16 IP infringement cases against you as we speak

@frickhaditcoming this is prior art!!! They should be licensing the patents off ME !!!!

@jk This Cubase computer would make such a good album cover.

#ImageDescription for last boost: Photos show dungeons drawn with limited colors. They indeed look psychedelic and show pictures that say "steal-x" or "bang". They are quite expressive.

@TQ thanks for doing these I can’t seem to get the description thing to work on mobile

@jk Do you perchance use #Twidere? I do, and it's a known bug there... So annoying!

@jk honestly prefer this to 90% of mainstream comics being put out atm

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