@jk it provides low cost solution for toaster

@t54r4n1 i like how toaster is always said after a line break. like

a CMOS LSI chip designed for
.... ........ toaster

it provides low cost solution for
...... ............ Toaster

@jk @t54r4n1

This actually worries me.

Look at how 3,3-5V DC for the chip is derived, using the toaster element and another resistor as potential divider across full mains!

thats a cursed diagram, the earth symbol is used badly, should be all double insulated otherwise there is either a risk of 230V upon the frame of the toaster, or (less worse but still bad) PE and N bridged downstream of a TN connection (that one causes really wierd intermittent faults, especially to Computer)

@catoutofbed @jk @t54r4n1

the chip is sold at mouser. It might not even be that bad with a safer power arrangement, although finding the bits to build your own toaster likely costs way more these days than buying even a premium one (a relay that springs the toast from the lever could be hard to find)

@vfrmedia i don't THINK the toaster elements are probably contributing that much to that potential divider. at least i hope not. or you'd get quite the voltage variation as they heat up. maybe thats why the chip is 3.5-5.5V tolerant...............

@jk as far as I can see the potential divider is wired in series with 230V and both heating elements, a 3,9V zener is used to regulate L+ to the chip, whilst a slightly higher unregulated voltage is used for the relay coil that springs the lever when the toast is done.

it /would/ work, but probably explains why toasters barely last 2-3 years these days compared to 20+ for 1980s designs..

@jk @revenant if this is indeed a toaster chip, then why is there no pin labeled "TOAST"??

checkmate! earth is flat!

@ddipaola @jk you're supposed to put it next to the bread and then run a few amps into all of the pins at the same time

@jk this looks like something out of Shenzhen IO


I’m pretty sure I own one of these, but wrapped in a toaster.

It’s a pretty nice toaster.


Oh hey, I just replied to a 2 year old toot.

I stand by my statement though. It’s a pretty nice toaster.

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