@jk spherical being from another plane of reality.

I understood that was a black hole that brought down the no-hair theorem 😉

@jk It is a geometrically perfect sphere!!! Awsoooome! I love the woof wool!!!😍 😍 😍

@jk Looks like out of a Ghibli movie - the dust bunnies :mastojoy:

@jk this dog looks like it is extending out of its own rift in time.

@jk i think WORB is the baddie computer in worbgames (1983)

@jk this is what you get when you pile enough vantablack in one place

that is why the guy didn't want us to have it

too strong

@galacticstone @jk I too, am interested in pledging my loyalty, as I feel blessed for having seen the woof orb.

@kendermouse @jk - my life has changed for the better since I gave myself to the Woof Orb. I should have done it a long time ago. :)

@jk reminds me of
leggy lion

(D&D monster called a Roving Mauler)

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