the only version of microsoft windows with consistent visual design was 95. also it didnt really do much. thats why its my favorite version

its a shame you cant make windows 10 have that classic theme anymore tbh. at least not easily. i mean i bet theres a way to do it but even if you could it would probably break shit all the time & not look consistent. theres a theme for xfce that looks more or less like it but the fonts are wrong and theres no way to make it use the correct spacing or something. there was some v good reason i couldnt get it to look correct

@jk Even then if you opened the "add fonts" dialog it would show you Windows 3.1 stuff. (That wasn't removed until Vista I think? At that point it was probably a Easter egg)

@Canageek theres actually a dialog somewhere in windows 10 that hasn't changed since 3.1, i can't remember exactly what but i think it's the old 3.1 file dialog or maybe something else. evidently whatever used it just made their own forked/copied version of the system dialog which kinda stuck around as a fossil

@jk Nah, pretty sure we are talking about the same one which was removed in Windows 8.1, unless they have left two of thema round.

@Canageek i definitely found one about a year ago in windows 10, i wonder if i posted about in anywhere, let me go look

@jk @Canageek I'm willing to bet that if you fumble around the "System" window a lot you will find it's Windows 1.0 counterpart at some point.

@jk i've seen ppl try and make win10 look classic-ish but it's still got rectangular buttons with no bevelling and stuff, still got a big taskbar, etc

@jk tho honestly i found the way xp and vista did the classic theme to be not good enough either

@kit yeah. i mean im such a classic theme stickler that even windows 98 looks wrong to me tbh

@jk yeah i never rly liked the titlebar gradient
though back when i was little, i had thought it was ME that introduced that, i guess.. just because it had been turned off in the 98 install i grew up w/ (then with some digging i found where you could set each colour and made them both be the same)

@jk also i always liked the teal desktop bg + titlebar over the navy

@jk yEAH and like, i'm sure you could get the old bitmapped ms sans serif on there, but Getting It To Play Nice is another question

@skolli on xfce at least i could NOT get the font size correct, or turn off anti-aliasing, or something. even tried converting it into otf or ttf or something as one of those "pixel font but as vector shapes" abominations, faffing around with the x-height in fontforge, etc. i reckon it couldve taken a month. and even then the alignment of the buttons and stuff was still really linuxy

@jk also if it wasn't obvious this is ENTIRELY tongue-in-cheek, those window decorations do NOT go well with motif widgets and the fonts are wrong and and and

@skolli the thing that really gets me is the titlebars are about a pixel too small or something

@jk there's one pixel of height/padding just straight up missing from the bottom of the titlebar, yeah

no actual designers were involved in making this window manager i'm sure

@jk Avdan had an interesting concept for a unified design they dubbed Windows 11, which is certainly preferable to the current UI. I'm a dinosaur though so I keep finding myself running MATE desktop

@jk I don't remember 98 looking dramatically different from 95, although it has been a very long time since I used either

@jk Windows 2000 was the pinnacle of Microsoft's OS's. It's been all downhill from there on. Windows 2000 had the classic look of Windows 98 and the stability of Windows XP minus the activation bullshit.

@jk you could play

S. P. U. D!

on win 95

I'm still in therapy after I played

@jk too bad 95 was just a copy cat of PC/GEOS Ensemble released in 1990

@jk if only what, like if PC/GEOS "won"? I assume the same story would play out the same but with different people.

@drzaiusx11 i thought that was what later versions of GEOS/GeoWorks Ensemble/Ensemble Ensemble/Breadbox Works/GeoDeal Breadsemble looked like??? just lookin now and all the pre-1994/5 versions i can find look like they're derived from windows 3.x in the same way that GEOS on the commodore derived from MacOS. as far as i know the whole "taskbar + start button in bottom left + programs menu" was an original microsoft creation based on user testing, imo their only sincere foray into good design

@jk @drzaiusx11 AFAIK PC-GEOS's GUI (before the "Industry Standard" GUI that is depicted in that screenshot) borrows its UI from the Motif toolkit and CUA semantics (so it looks closer to things like CDE than Windows 3.x), but then Windows 2.x/3.x followed CUA itself.

@jk Ensemble 2.x predates 95 and looks similar (true, this shot is from a later Ensemble which adopted similar icons to 95. So copying went both ways) Let me try and dig up a better shot

@jk GeoWorks 2.01 in that shot is from 1993. Windows 1.0 also had a taskbar at the bottom so really OSs have been playing with this idea for a while. 1.0 was icon-based like modern windows, so they've come full circle. The win10 interface is the true "classic"

@jk OS/2 was a pretty damn close interface too. Taskbar was on the top though.

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