the only version of microsoft windows with consistent visual design was 95. also it didnt really do much. thats why its my favorite version

its a shame you cant make windows 10 have that classic theme anymore tbh. at least not easily. i mean i bet theres a way to do it but even if you could it would probably break shit all the time & not look consistent. theres a theme for xfce that looks more or less like it but the fonts are wrong and theres no way to make it use the correct spacing or something. there was some v good reason i couldnt get it to look correct

@jk yEAH and like, i'm sure you could get the old bitmapped ms sans serif on there, but Getting It To Play Nice is another question


@skolli on xfce at least i could NOT get the font size correct, or turn off anti-aliasing, or something. even tried converting it into otf or ttf or something as one of those "pixel font but as vector shapes" abominations, faffing around with the x-height in fontforge, etc. i reckon it couldve taken a month. and even then the alignment of the buttons and stuff was still really linuxy

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