@jk "Haha, joke's on you, God; I'm owl kin." -The baker's daughter, probably.

@capefeather @jk

its an old English folk tale - which originally started off with an old lady asking for bread and turning the bakers daughter into an owl, the version with Jesus doing this is referenced by Ophelia in Hamlet - maybe the folktale was "Christianised" after/during the English Reformation.

The location also shifts from Hereford to Gloucestershire (these places are next to each other)



@jk packing, plotting, and contriving: my kinda Saturday night

@jk Me: old woman who knows that guy would always hangs out with 12 dudes will need a lot of dough

You: probably a furry

Jusús, as the oven door blows open under the weight of the dough and the neighbor girl is replaced with an owl: "...and this is Jackass."

tfw the son of god will never turn you into an owl

@jk When Jesus decides to get that bread, *he gets that bread*.

@jk he also cursed a tree once bc he was pissy it wasnt bearing fruit in the middle of winter

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