now and again on youtube you get recommended a video thats inexplicably from 10 years ago and its like, extremely poor quality but much nicer than anything on youtube now, itll be like some friends making a music video to their favorite song in their parents kitchen in 240p 12fps, and theyll all have extremely 2008 eye makeup, and theyre just doin it because its fun and putting it online

i feel like 10-15 years ago the web was a lot more mundane. there were less people on the internet, everyone was just someone else who was sitting at a desktop computer doing nothing. pretty much every image you saw on the web was taken on a compact digital camera in someones poorly-lit living room and then edited using microsoft paint, and then put up onto a forum a couple days later. nobody was vlogging on a skateboard. there wasnt that much to talk about. pace of life seemed slower

there just wasnt so much stuff back then. it wasnt even very long ago at all!!! whenever anything on the internet happened, which was about once every 10 days, everybody was like "ah have you seen the new thing, here let me send it to you" an dyou'd be like "haha thats cool" because it was. now everythings cool and nothings cool. i bet in another 10 years it'll've got even worse and we'll be like "ah 2019 the golden fucking age, the internet was so sedate"

i guess the internet is just now predominantly the place where stuff happens, rather than the place you take refuge from stuff happening, and i miss that


last summer i started going for 1-2 hour walks in the mornings or evenings. just along the beach or whatever. i've noticed that i find it easier to feel happy, or at least centered and calm, when i take time to deeply appreciate a small number of small things, rather than be bombarded (or bombard myself) with a large number of big, important-seeming things that i only see on a surface level. the internet used to feel like the former but now my experience is the latter, and it's inescapable!!!!!

it's funny because i remember the feeling, maybe 10 years ago, the feeling of just wanting lots of content, lots of updates, i wanted to be jacked in there, into the internet, i wanted all the updates, RSS updates, IRC rooms buzzing, i wanted that feeling of connection to the world, so that when whatever happened i'd be the first to see it. i felt so alive!! so ONLINE! but in reality nothing ever even happened! now these days, everythings happening all the fuckin time and i HATE it

me: i wish blogging still practically existed so that i didnt have to write 7 long toots

you: what are you talking about! blogging still exists!! start your own blog--

me: yeah but nobody reads them!! for every 10 people saying start a blog theres 990 people who wont ever click a link ever in their life. the non-link-clickers

you: --this is my favourite cms its free softrware and its called gleepblorp. its written in rust so its very fast

@jk god these posts are extremely real. i totally remember trying to be more Online in the past and then we all accomplished our goal and realized online sucks ass

@jk i wonder if that phenomenon's something that could be leveraged, though. like, building a slower-moving, less-densely-populated subculture of the 1% of link-clickers, letting the remaining 99% of non-link-clickers stay in their overstimulating corporate-dominated hellnet?

@lifning i actually wrote some kinda manifesto/spec document for a "slow social network" a couple of years ago and then literally a month later i enthusiastically joined mastodon which was like literally the opposite

@jk 100% of the time when i decide something is gonna be too long to post on here or twitter and go to write a blog post about it i decide halfway through writing the blog post that actually nobody gives a shit and it doesn't matter and stop posting. the internet would be a million times better if everyone did this

@jk I really like to go sometimes on my old but gold blog platform... it's a place where for the first time people were reading what I was writting, answering me and helping me (with advices or material things)... I have a strong bond with them, it's sad there weren't more of those little communities.

@jk I think it's a little like a tiny Mastodon instance without federated timeline: everybody knows everybody, we support each other. We really talk we each other, not only joking, real and long talks.

I miss that.

@jk I have my own part of the internet and peeps are free to read or not whatever bullshit I put on there ^^

Sometimes peeps come back and give me some feedback or hear that I wrote something, others dont and I'm fine with that ^^

@jk I get where you're coming from and agree, but I think maybe the problem is in part that we are trained to crave audiences that we don't need/deserve. Having our thoughts shoved in front of people who 99% of the time have no social context for us is a fundamental problem with social networking in general. That's two sides of the same coin, I think?

When we have huge audiences/want to be part of lots of huge audiences, superficial, transient communication is kinda the only thing that works.

@jk the memhaz transcripts are coming along nicely I see

@jk It is this desire to be read that is the original sin, or maybe the penoriginal sin after monetization because monetization gives you an incentive to want to be read.

A mindful blogger does not blog to be read. A mindful blogger blogs to blog. Blog blog blog.

@CarlMuckenhoupt this is bullshit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!’nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

@jk Blog blog blogga bloggin blog, blo blog blog blogge bolog b blog blog. Blog BLOG blob bulogue blo blag blog bloggens ba blog blog blog -- blogh blog blog blogg bo blog blog blog. Blog.

@jk Why don't you just do blog posts based on your threads?

That way you get the reach of social media with the threads but can still refer people to a polished version on your blog which would also serve as the authoritative place to read your thought-out stuff (without getting the social media noise).

I think this might also be a good way make a habit out of writing blog posts, but haven't tested that particular hypothesis yet. :P

@phryk maybe! i don't really feel that my thoughts are that valuable? and i kinda doubt that many people would read it or be interested in it? like, other than "looking up something for some explicit purpose and i found someone's blog about it" i probably read 4 blog articles per week, maybe less. i feel like i'd want to have a lot of exciting or interesting things to say, and i don't really know if i do. if i had some certainty about how to improve the world i'd write about that, but i don't

@phryk i think whenever i write shorter things they're pretty much contextless thoughts that are just a kind of "huh, thats interesting" which fit in a toot but seem trite to put on a blog, but any longer things always end up sounding like i'm trying to construct or promote some kind of consistent theory about how things are, and to be honest i don't think i do have any consistent theories about anything. it'd just be an exercise in pretending that i do, in order to write a whole post

@phryk i could write stories about things that happened to me in my life, but my life has been mercifully boring in the ways that matter narratively, and i'm relatively young so not many things have really happened for me to talk about. so really the only kinda blogging i see other than that, is people who seem to have a lot of considered opinions about things and think they're correct (or can't help but talk as if they do) and i don't wanna be one of those people either!

@jk I've always seen blogging as an archive/diary kind of thing.

You don't post because you think you've written a scientifically consistent theory of anything, but to put down your thoughts in writing.

It provides a permanent place for people to give feedback about your thoughts and for yourself to check back later and see whether your thoughts from back then still hold up or you have changed/grown since then.

@jk same 20 years ago, and probably the same in a decade…

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