how many chickens would you need if you wanted to power your home solely through the kinetic energy of rolling eggs

fuck solar panels. you could grow food on the roof, food for the chickens, and then theyd lay eggs and the eggs would roll down a ramp & spin wheels connected to the generator. fuck solar punk!!!! this is Egg Punk

my clucker are building us a new society. and its known as.. Egg Punk

@jk get a big piece of wood and paint it black, then put it in the sun and put a bunch of raw eggs on it

@ben maybe youd actually want to paint the wood white, and then paint the eggs themselves black

@jk I don't think painting raw eggs would be a very good idea if you plan on eating them

@jk let me guess, you'd do this purely to be able to point to your roof and say "look at my cluckers"

@jk are you talking shit about my Minecraft base

@robotcarsley its funny that this movie and back to the future both had prominent rube goldberg type sequences in them and both movies were released within a month of one-another

@jk Listen, bub, I don't care HOW you dress it up, I know a ploy to get me to look at your cluckers when I see one and IT WON'T WORK!!

@jk You should probably submit that question to (link to submit a question is at the bottom).


Female chooks produce "roughly" an egg a day in excellent health and a moderate climate. In practise you'll usually get a bit less, typically 0.5 to 0.8 per day per chook. During the "moulting period" production will drop dramatically for a couple of months and you'll have to rotate stock regularly because fertility drops off after a few years. So figure out how much energy you can get from one egg and multiply accordingly.

@jk depends on breed of chicken and the height of the ramp.

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