biggest problem with computers is they're still designed for people who like computers

@jk this is a terrifyingly accurate summation of the problem

@garbados @jk eh, i don't think dumbing interfaces down even more is gonna help anyone
we need simpler systems that are easy and fun to hack on
but those aren't as profitable because the manufacturer's control is inversely proportional to the user's control, so we have crap that just exists so people can sell you more software that you can't really combine with other software


@grainloom @garbados i think u read a lot of stuff into my toot that i dndt actually say

@jk @garbados maaaaybe
but if computers were really made for people who like computers, why are the people who really like computers pining for the old systems where the user was the developer?
at least that's the only conclusion i could draw from your toot.....

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