the worst part of being an adult is how like, you definitely grow up to become about 60-70% of an adult, but that last 30% just isn't there, and never will be, it doesn't exist, it was just something adults pretended to have when you were a kid so that you (and they) felt like they were adults

@jk Fake it till you make it? Please?

Please stop crying.

@jk and some of us are missing a hell of a lot more than 30%

@jk Says you.

I'm not giving up on my childhood dreams of being as good as our role models pretended they were just yet.

@jk Thank you for writing this! I thought it was just me feeling like I'm 16, despite the job, mortgage, wife and children, now in my later thirties!

@jk nothing like being a parent to realise your own parents were totally bluffing the whole time

@jk same for institutions, politics and leadership. Also, academia.

It’s just people stepping up and trying to solve problems. There isn’t any special magic just people practicing and self-improving to make things happen.

Sometimes it’s comforting to feel that someone is taking care of things and at other times it stops the people who could make things improve from stepping up. “Who am I to say x,y,z?”

@jk Pretty much. I keep wondering when I'm going to stop finding bathroom humor funny.

@jk Adulting is pretend. Period. The trick is to recognize that and just try to make the right decisions for you and those you care about, always keeping enlightened self interest in mind :)

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