The new Sony PlayStation

you put that disc in there. that disc just starts spinning. keeps on spinning, my god. spins so fast. games so fast. so fast. nintendo can't compete. sega?? can't compete. disc so fast. that disc'll make your game fast. fast gaming - fast disc. that disc just keeps on spinning. you're gaming - the disc is spinning. the perfect combination, between human and disc, cooperating to create an experience known only as Video Gaming.

Sony PlayStation™
its got a disc

@jk *tries jamming a frisbee into the CD loading tray* disc don't fit

@jk I kinda.... want to do a voice over of this....


Disk spin

Chair spin

Gamers are disks

The gamers are flat

Gamers cd

Out gamer in drive

Introducing the new Sony Playstation.

Script by @jk
Music from NES Pictionary
Video from my living room and Sony

@jk Pretty solid for something I did in 20 minutes if I do say so myself

There's a couple things in this video that I find hilarious but idk if other people will even notice them

@adamk678 @jk you won't fool me. This is the mini version, it has no optical drive! But nice vid :awesome:

@jk Am I the only one who read that voiceover delivered by Mr D J Trump?

@porsupah @jk oh glaaah “DJ Trump.” Talk about things I didn’t want to imagine. What would he play, voice samples about Very Fine People as part of a dance remix of the Konigsgraeter March?

pol ramblings 

@Leucrotta @jk Oh, good editing can work wonders for anyone - BoJo got a jolly remix, after all, in "Boris Johnson vs 2 Anonymous DJs - Is Fatboy Slim a DJ".

Catchy, too.

(I forget who was responsible - might've been Orbital)

@jk but no blast processing? Pffft.... RUBBISH! 😜

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