@trickster the only thing that went away about it was anyone calling it that

@jk I /feel/ like vapourwave has cultivated enough of its own tropes that the two aren't synonymous anymore.

@trickster @jk [Well actall voice] Plunderphonics is bad actually. celesteh.com/blog/2015/06/30/r No really, I'd be happy if the term disappeared.

@celesteh @trickster ive never liked the term myself, good to know my arbitrary opinion is justified by somethin

@celesteh @jk Thanks Charles, that's a very insightful article. I will refrain from using the term in the future, especially when I can just call it more generally, "remix", or just "sound collage".

@jk why can’t they play it over and over and over?

There’s nobody here.

@jk you ever hear the v/vm fucked up version of lady in red called "lady in red (is dancing with meat)"

its great

@jk the entire album that song is off is just gold, taking pop love songs and distorting them in really terrible ways. unlistenable in the best way possible


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