finally found a photograph that accurately depicts exactly how everything looked like when i was a child

in the UK, between 1970 and 2000, there were more concrete bollards than people

i mean. this photo also fits the bill i guess, given it actually IS what i remember when i was a child

@jk does it make it more or less weird that this is all fake

@aeonofdiscord actually the small inaccuracies make it more accurate to how i remember? for instance the guy on the left. i feel like people didnt look like that in 1984 or whenever its supposed to be. maybe its the jeans or something. but the streets still looked like this in the 90s, and by then there were people that looked like that. so turns out you can approximate a photo from target_years_ago by trying to make a photo that looks like its from ~target_years_ago*2

@jk @aeonofdiscord by that logic, you'd have to try for a photo that looks like the period 1961-1979 to make it look like the 90's.

@zatnosk @aeonofdiscord i put a '~' in that toot for people like you!!!!

@jk *the* hmv shop. there were no more after taht one

@jk there's a shopping square almost the same as that near me, but the middle's been hollowed out and turned into a car park

I guess that's the missing element in these

@jk what is an 'automobile', is it a kind of self-driving robot car? why did the robot cars already have an Association in the Before Years? I guess they needed a cult in place to prepare the masses for the idea of Autocracy

@jk that's the set for bandersnatch, right?

@Violet idk. i presume it is based on something someone said. who else would bother recreating that kinda thing

@jk is the wimpy opposite to it still there too

@Violet when i last looked at my local newspapers website legit one of the top news stories that day was "Wimpy to reopen" about a Wimpy that closed in about 2000 and is now reopening at the same address

@jk there's the same building from march 2018. I imagine they would've done the reconstruction of smith's around july-august

@Violet location scout did a stellar job, i can say that

@jk ok i think that shot is actually from bandersnatch i'm too lazy to check

@Violet hmm, the video mustve been someone going past in a car or something. to be honest the screenshot from the actual thing looks less authentic somehow

@Violet i really don't wanna say "because it's lower resolution it looks older". i don't wanna say it. but maybe that's why

@jk they left the LED street lamp in the shot lol

@Violet yeah! in fact when i'd only seen the one i posted, and the first one you responded with, i thought "ah it's good they framed it so it didn't include that modern street light", but turns out, nope

@jk honestly they should've left the stores there open for business but with the old branding, would make a pretty neat tourist attraction

@Violet yeah! i know WH Smith themselves even started using their old logo design on their bags a while ago. though i assume they stopped doing it

i guess its like when i kept telling everybody for like 10 years that they should bring back the '91-'01 lambie nairn BBC 2 idents and then they did

@jk hah i'm going back in time on google streetview and that store was a games workshop for a while

@Violet god it has SUCH a games workshop vibe, its a perfect location for one

@jk go back even further to 2008 and it's an empty shears

@Violet i love the feeble attempt to make it look a bit more upmarket and cosy

@jk if you want the location of the place it's st george's walk in croydon

@jk opposite there is a store for "discount people"

i think there's a reason that place closed

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@jk @Violet

it was around 2017, I had to attend hospital a few times around then and the only main shop was WH Smith and they were using the old bag design for a bit (but last time I was in a WH Smith in town it was new types)

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