i cant remember my passwords for anything. if i used a password manager id forget the master password for that, and then i wouldnt be able to log into anything ever again. i dont even remember my password for mastodon. every time i log in in a new place i have to reset the password. how the fuck am i supposed to be secure. should i use one of those usb token key things that you put on your keyring? ive never lost my keys before but i bet it'd happen immediately as soon as i got one of those

i wish i never had to "log in" to anything ever again. its so stressful. maybe i should delete all of my accounts on everything. that way i wouldn't have to feel that sense of stress anymore. i wouldnt be able to receive emails or post these toots anymore though. but maybe thats a fair price to pay, to not have to "log in" ever again. i wish i never had to do it. ever again. y'know i wish i'd never have to "log in" to anything ever again, y'know. thats how im feelin. thats about how im feelin


its fucked up how you have to prove that you are yourself. thats one of the worst things about modern technology. you have to prove that you are yourself!!! just to use it!!! you have to fucking PROVE WHO YOU ARE. fucking hell. in no way do i EVER feel like i've got the emotional energy to do that, even to myself, let alone to a machine! jesus christ!! holy shit!! what the fuck!!! prove who you are??? PROVE yourself??? god what is this, is this some kind of dystopian thunderdome experience

why can't i just be me. why do i have to prove who i am to a machine

computer: whats your username

me: does it matter??? DOES IT MATTER?????

@jk well *I* have to log in so you know i wrote this.

Okey, unless the server, or me, is hacked...

The USB verifier thing is a good idea. Not sure how much support among regular websites..

@jk this is the login dome... one man enters... one man leaves

@jk that, and what sort of evil bastard is SECRETLY PLOTTING to help me apply for jobs? And if they're out there, do they have a Ko-Fi or something where I can throw them some money to say thanks?

@jk Not only that but you have to do it every day. Yes, I am the same person I was yesterday.

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