found an old chatlog from 11 years ago and saw i'd sent someone a link to something on youtube. so i clicked on it to see if the link was still working 11 years later. anyway turns out i just rickrolled myself 11 years in the future


in 2008 we'd all crowd round the computer to see what the One Big New Thing was on the internet that week. there was only one thing that happened on the internet every week, by the end of the week news had reached all the outer forums and everyone knew about it. it was usually a flash game or a youtube poop. we'd all crowd round the computer. excited about what this week's new content was gonna be. the video loads. its luigi, and hes saying "SPAGHETTI" over and over again for eight minutes

@jk In 1998, we'd do that once a month because it took an hour for the meme to download and we couldn't tie up the phone lines for too long because sis needs to spend the next 5 hours talking to her friend.

Ooga chaka baby was worth it, though.

@fraggle @jk

my first thought on reading this thread was to do a big silly Armando voice and say "HULLO HUGH"

@jk at there was even one thing on the internet back then

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