my preferred news sources (for reference):

- reading the headlines on the Financial Times (paywalled but u dont need to pay for articles just read the headlines for free)

- Star Wars Adventure Journal, Volume 1, Number 1

- CBeebies News

- "News" by Dire Straits

- look at one of the many crows outside. look at its overall body language. thatll give you an idea

@jk mate we're not outside any more we're inside and hunching most severely

@Murkrow sorry i forgot. i live in a house where, no matter where i am, i can see a crow out of the window, and it can see me

@jk @Murkrow and does its body language just so happen to always say:

ur next


@jk @Murkrow i would love to be a nice crow

i really hope crows will do better than we did, once we're gone

@jk my favourite news source is just the random junk that Android decides to shove in my face at random in the form of notifications, presumably based on my search history. I just piece together world politics from X Files blog posts and Twin Peaks fan theories

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