when i get into some youtube channel, about 20% of the time, the channel starts to get more and more successful, and the person running the channel makes friends with a bunch of other successful youtubers, and because the more annoying you are the more successful you are, they start acting like all their new youtuber friends, and 2 years after i originally subscribed they've now become so annoying that i can't watch them anymore and i unsubscribe

80% of the time this doesn't happen, thank god. i think the trick is to only follow people who have a niche-enough appeal that they will never have to do that whole routine of "oh, looking at my analytics, it seems like the main people who watch youtube videos are kids, so i'm gonna have to start acting like a kid's TV presenter, or even worse, a kid"

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@jk I feel like Barshens had exactly the opposite of this trajectory but exactly the same result

@ben well stuart ashen DID have this trajectory for me, i watched his stuff starting in about 2007, i even have a copy of the ashenthology DVD (and lanyard), but once he started deviating from knockoff video game consoles to just like, opening loot crate boxes?? eating weird stuff out of tins and doing "reactions"??? making a feature length movie???? it was like, jeez, count me out, i'm out

@jk techmoan's shirt budget has noticeably increased, but otherwise he probably only has one irl friend, probably called pete, who probably looks almost exactly like techmoan, and they probably meet for two pints at the horse and hounds every wednesday at 5:30

@jk this happened to me with Molly Burke, I love her and she deserves the success but all the collabs with massive YouTubers got tiresome

@jk this is happening with a theater analysis channel i follow and it's surreal to watch the host metamorphosize in real time

@irisjaycomics @jk

all YT personalities eventually become screaming hellclowns, and humanity deserves this. in the next six hours I'll explain

@jk I see similar problems when hobbiests start trying to get serious and make a living at it. On of my favorite YouTubers ruined his channel by "going pro".

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