it's fucked up that they kept making technology technically better but morally, ethically, aesthetically, and spiritually worse to the point where i don't want to even use anything anymore

@z428 the people who are making the technology technically better but morally, ethically, aesthetically and spiritually worse

@z428 @jk

tech fuckbags "doing their job" and making bank and also the wealthy investors running their corp owners who buy and sell banks weekly


"What do you call the act?"

"The FOSStocrats!"

@jk Like who?

Many old-time projects have not seen much technical improvement over the decades. Most newer software just repeats the same old mistakes. And some make technically dubious choices.

That said: I agree on the lack of ethics in many cases.

@aeveltstra ah yeah, i see you're focusing on software, which is probably an even worse case, not only is it ethically worse now but also it's technically stagnated since probably the 90s. i think it's probably because the money people realised that you could still make money with terrible software & focusing on the business process was more important than how you actually implemented it

@jk @aeveltstra

this sums up so much instantly and includes the cursed phrase "money people". as a voidficionado, I approve this horror

@aeveltstra @jk

quite welcome. I'm a wordser. I word things 🤷

*rides away on the word 'horse' somehow*

@jk Software is kind-of my thing, so yes, I'll focus on the technological and ethical qualities of that. There's quite a few tech giant companies out there who indulge in profit over people.

@jk @aeveltstra it's funny how over the past decades, technology has become "tech", has come to mean, almost exclusively software, and now bad software at that

@jk If you disparage the Humanities, you end up with only the Inhumanities. And f*cking Facebook.

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