i was reading something once, some marketing thing by advertising money people probably, and it contained the idea of like, an anti-demographic, where you're doing product research and there's a persistent group of people where them liking (and buying) your product is a predictor that it's going to absolutely bomb. and you can identify these people and they're consistently like this. they fuck up all the statistics by liking things contrary to how the market should work. and i finally felt Known

@jk I want companies to start trembling in fear when i so much as LOOK at their products

@tom @jk ...this ... this is a mood. I want this too.

"Okay we've released this extremely niche audio equipment, and hopefully it'll do w-...oh no"
"What, sir?"
"oh no, pull it, pull it now, please, oh god please pull it before it KILLS US ALL"
"what are you TALKING about!?"

*entire company HQ explodes and melts at the same time*

@jk Oh yeah harbingers of failure, I had heard about this recently

I'd probably be one too if I hadn't mostly stopped buying new products

“The Surprising Breadth of Harbingers of Failure” found that “not only are there customers who are harbingers, but there are also harbinger zip codes”.

"And then I realised: they’re talking about me... I was on the losing side in all the referendums, too. Politically, I am Crystal Pepsi. I am Colgate ready meals."

"Maybe well-adjusted people notice other people, and fit in. We harbingers are simply oblivious. Jacket and jeans? Socks and sandals? Why not?"

@matt @jk

@jk me and my friends when we really liked buying Sour Brite "Weird Beards"

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