all i want is a video compression algorithm that detects which parts of the image have some kind of high-frequency shit in them, stores that before it encodes the image, and then on the other side it resynthesises a kinda plausible distribution of noise/grain/dithering at the approximately correct magnitude in the roughly correct places

all i want is that. and for youtube and everyone to start using it

(bonus points if you can also resynthesise water ripples)

@jk this is basically the video version of how the opus audio codec handles "noise" (which honestly is pretty cool)

AV1 has film grain simulation: which is part of the way there. it might help, at least once the encoders get good.

@jk audio coding be like:

A track with pure tones & harmonics:
FLAC: ah, nice patterns. I can make this tiny
OPUS: gah, there's nothing here i can remove, people will notice any change.

A track with lots of noise:
FLAC: uh, I guess I'll just store the uncompressed PCM
OPUS: ok, just stick some noise (doesn't matter what) in frequency band y at power x. nobody will be able to tell the difference.


@kepstin MP3: i just gotta do something. but im physiologically incapable of making noise so uhhhh. i can make some noisES. but they WILL be cosines. im sorry. lets hope you set the bitrate high enough for me to make lots of them

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